Watch videos together, Cutting the distances to pull you together

It’s constantly first-rate to get together with buddies or own family and hunker down at the couch to watch a film or binge the state-of-the-art have to-see-tv. Lamentably, it can be difficult to get every person within the equal room together. Fortuitously, there are a number of offerings that let you experience your favored on line content like Netflix and YouTube in sync, no matter where you’re. So whether you’re in a protracted distance relationship, moved away from home or want to live related with buddies around the globe, you’ll truly want to test out this listing.

Feel the closeness: Same emotions though distant apart

Just imagine! you and your other half are watching and enjoying the same video at the same time. It feels that you are living a movement together. You and your family or your friends watching the video together. You both are developing the same feelings together. Doesn’t it tastes you a sweet candy. Watch together is the candy that can provide you a better taste of the same.

Playnow – lets watch videos together

Playnow is the emerging app that serves your pupose perfectly. Playnow allows you to play films synchronized to more than one users from many assets inclusive of Twitch, Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Ustream, raw mp4/flv/and so on. You can additionally embed different films the using iframes, but the syncing has to be done manually as automatic syncing will not occur. The most important is that Playnow allows you to play the real time scene on the screen of your other person as live stream.

Ups and Downs: Even the Rose comes with a few thorns

The trouble with most apps that let you watch movies together is that helping each service can be complicated and cumbersome. Playnow avoids this by using letting you and your friends proportion a virtual desktop, alternatively. whilst you set up a “room,” you’re given what is basically far off manipulated of a browser tab hosted by way of Playnow. You and your friends log into the equal computer and flow the same audio and video in your respective computer systems. The upside of this technique is that you can watch whatever that you could play in an internet browser collectively: Netflix, Hulu, Twitch, Spotify, heck even Crunchyroll or SoundCloud. The drawback is that the performance may be a bit muddy. You’re streaming a video from a digital device on other laptop, and that’s no longer the ideal manner to look at a movie. Nevertheless, so long as you and all of your buddies have a strong internet connection, it should work well.

So come closer and watch together! It’s available on PlayStore & App Store.

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